Families for Reform of CAMHS is aiming to raise awareness about the lack of adequate mental health services for children in Ireland and build public support for our call for reform. Links to our media engagements can be found below: 

  • 18 January 2024: The Irish Independent (Eilish O'Regan) "Autistic children with suicidal thoughts are being turned away by Camhs, parents say"


  • 17 January 2024: RTE Radio 1 Lunchtime News (7 mins)

An update from the group following their attendance at the Oireachtas Committee on Health to discuss the group's calls for reforms.


  • 17 January 2024: The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk (17 mins)

An update from the group following their attendance at the Oireachtas Committee on Health to discuss the group's calls for reforms.


  • 17 January 2024: The Irish Examiner (Cianan Brennan) - "Camhs support withdrawn once a child's autism diagnosis is disclosed, committee told"


  • 17 January 2024: RTE (Fergal Bowers): "Child mental health supports 'largely non-existent', Committee told"


  • 17 January 2024: The Journal (Mairead Maguire): "Youth mental health service 'largely non-existent' and discrimination rife, Committee hears"


  • 16 January 2024: The Irish Examiner (Cianan Brennan) - "Oireachtas committee to hear of 'largely non-existent' mental health supports for children"


  • 21 December 2023: The Journal (Eimer McCauley) - Article on suicidal autistic children being turned away from CAMHS 


  • 12 December 2023: The Echo Chamber Podcast (50mins)

Tony Groves and Martin McMahon chat to Hannah, Jenny and Eimear about the latest developments in the group's campaign to get a systemic reform of CAMHS


  • 13 November 2023: The Irish Examiner (Liz Dunphy) Article on discrimination against autistic children in the provision of mental health services 


  • 19 August 2023: The Irish Times - Letter to the Editor


  • 19 August 2023: The Irish Times (Keith Duggan) Article on Families for Reform of CAMHS 


  • 17 August 2023: The Echo Chamber Podcast (50mins)

Hannah, Emer, Anne and Jennifer speak about Families for Reform of CAMHS, their personal experiences of CAMHS and why there is an urgent need for reform.


  • 9 August 2023: The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk (14 mins)

Hannah from Families for Reform of CAMHS speaks about the aims and function of the group and Sinn Féin Mental Health Spokesperson, Mark Ward speaks about the urgency to reform CAMHS. 


  • 4 August 2023: The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk (14 mins)

Grainne from Families for Reform of CAMHS speaks about her personal experience of CAMHS alongside John Joe McGinley from Autism Dads. 


  • 3 August 2023: The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk (21 mins)

Anne and Jennifer from Families for Reform of CAMHS speak about their personal experiences of CAMHS.



  • 26 July 2023: The Hard Shoulder on Newstalk


  • 26 July 2023: Families for Reform of CAMHS response to the final report of the Mental Health Commission’s Review of the provision of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
July 2023 Press Release MHC Final Report Families For Reform Of CAMHS
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